Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème

Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème

Product code:A-104N


improves skin firmness, reduces capillary permeability and increases lymph circulation


brightens, stimulates collagen production and reduces the depth of crease


has an immediate tightening effect, soothes fine wrinkles and protects against oxidative stress and strengthens connective tissue by improving collagen-1 production

This luxurious eye-lifting cream visibly reduces the signs of fine lines. The retinyl (retinol derivative) glycol mixture tightens the skin. Camomile, green tea and sun hat soothe tired and dehydrated eyes. Eliminates "old" eyes after only a few applications. Peptide mixtures reduce inflammation. Contains potent antioxidants

Not recommended when pregnant. Please consult your doctor.
Physician formulated for:
• aging
• fine lines and wrinkles
• eyelid laxity
• dark circles

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor.
After application, avoid strong sun exposure. Use adequate sun protection.

+ Improves firmness to lessen the appearance of puffiness
+ Protects skin cells against oxidative damage
+ Supports collagen synthesis
+ Reduces the appearance of fine lines
+ Hydrates and soothes

• Eyeliss™
• AHA-mixture of glycol and retinol
• blady grass
• Pepha®-Tight
• green tea
• L-ascorbic acid
• Vitamin E
• gotu kola
• coneflower
• Malus Domestica fruit cell culture

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